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Please be aware we do not have reception in the clinic. Please call or email for enquiries regarding service or book online. 

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The objectives of this program are to empower people who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate RRMS (relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis) with the exercise skills and knowledge to feel well again. It also aims to reduce fatigue, improve quality of life while improving general fitness, flexibility, and strength.


Vision: Accessible knowledge; Innovative approach; Empowered community.  

RRMS Wellness Program cost: 8 weeks for $678 

The RRMS Wellness Program provides two, one hour exercise sessions for 8 weeks. You will be working in small groups in a guided circuit environment. As per the MS Society of Canada’s recommendations, the program will consist of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. You will receive guidance and feedback from a registered physiotherapist and physiotherapy assistant. The program will be fun, progressive and respectful of your own pace. Exercises will be meaningful and functional and can be customized as your body requires.


You will have 3 separate one-on-one sessions with a physiotherapist to determine initial needs, to monitor progress, and record final reports and results.


Who is the program for?

  • People ages 18-65 with a diagnosis of mild to moderate RRMS



  • Instil Physio

  • 80 Southgate Dr. Guelph, ON, N1G 4P5



  • Mondays from 3-4 pm, and Thursdays from 11 am -12 pm

  • Sessions run continually.  You can join the program at any time.  Contact us for details or book your assessment appointment online.


How to Get Started:

  • To start you will need to book your initial physiotherapy appointment; this will need to be completed prior to starting the 8 week program. To do this please click " book an appointment" at the bottom right of this page, select "RRMS Wellness Program Assessment" and follow instructions for booking. 

  • Subsequent physiotherapy appointments will be booked as needed throughout the program, including a midway appointment and final appointment, if additional appointments are needed during the program they can be added at our regular physiotherapy appointment fee (see "physiotherapy" page for pricing).  


If you have any questions or concerns please call Instil Physio at 519-840-0784 or email michelle@instilphysio.ca


Good to know:

  • This is a rehab program and insurance companies may cover the cost of this program. Enquire with your insurance provider for more details. 


What you will get:

  • Individual physiotherapy treatment plan with initial testing and end of program testing. 

  • Individual attention and support

  • Participation in a group rehab fitness program for 16 sessions

A note from Michelle Tyler, PT: As a physiotherapist and a patient with RRMS, I will be participating with you. I will be capturing data to determine program effectiveness but also to help manage my own wellness plan. 

To learn more about Michelle check out her profile on MEET OUR TEAM

RRMS Wellness Program cost: 8 week program: $678 inclusive