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Please be aware we do not have reception in the clinic. Please call or email for enquiries regarding service or book online. 

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Instil Physio is a sports performance and rehabilitation centre with a team of practitioners trained in a neurofunctional medicine approach. This is a unique approach to performance care and the assessment and treatment of your movement problem. Our practitioners have an exceptional level of knowledge and skill in neurofunctional medicine, and take the time needed to properly understand you and your injury or pain problem. We seek to understand the root causes of your pain problem and create a complete and holistic plan for your rehab and recovery. Our goal is to help you get back to doing what matters to you and keep you doing it, whether that be gardening or participating as a high performing athlete.


Mission statement: Providing the skills and expertise needed to create and achieve your health and performance goals. 


Vision: Accessible knowledge; Innovative approach; Empowered community.      

Chris Caddey registered massae therapist at Instil Physio guelph

Chris Caddey

RMT, Registered Massage Therapist


Neurofunctional Practitioner -Junior

Why I am here:

During the process of becoming a clinical therapist I have been privileged to learn from some highly regarded, and highly educated therapists that range in variety of the different fields of clinical therapy. What I have learned from my studies, is that regardless of the titles you carry- to be successful in your clinical practice, is that you must have a professional and personal commitment that requires a plethora of traits. These traits range from: clarity, depth, attention to detail and focus, as well as purposeful action. This is where we aim to incorporate the client’s unique needs to optimize performances to which one is discomfort free. 

I have joined the Instil Physio team because I truly believe that the intentions from the team members here are meaningful and that they have a strong desire to better themselves to change their clients lives in a positive way.


A little about me:

I obtained my advanced diploma in massage therapy (RMT) in 2017 at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ONT. After graduating school I attended various institutions to better learn how to apply my unique approach of practicing the neuro-functional approach such as Neuro-Kinetic therapy, Rocktape, and contemporary medical acupuncture at McMaster University. 

I grew up as a dairy farmer located on the outskirts of London, Ontario, where I was a member of a variety of sports teams. These teams range from track & field, to soccer, and even ice hockey. After high-school I put all of my athletic focus on running where I was able to compete at the collegiate level, and achieve great success in the form of: 3x First-Team All-Ontario, 1x First-Team All-Canadian, and a National Silver Team Medal. 

On top of which I have also spent a year volunteering my extra time traveling with the Varsity Cross-Country teams at Fanshawe College as the teams Head Athletic Trainer, where I have treated a variety of athletes and their sport-related/specific injuries.


Some of my special interests and future ambitions:

· I am very interested in treating clients with chronic pain, and the unique build up to how the pain has been created to a chronic state. 

· I personally believe that the Neuro-Functional approach is not as known when compared to the other (traditional) approaches. I find myself volunteering more and more in the community and surrounding areas to help educate the public of this approach and how it can drastically help better improve everyone’s wellbeing. 

· Due to my passion and knowledge of athletics I want to pursue helping runners/triathletes at any level to achieve their full potential of performance and comfort during activity. 

· As I am young in my career I feel I have a lot of potential to continue learning and increasing my scope of knowledge to a deep depth of the human body to become a very special unique manual therapist.