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At Instil Physio, we excel at rehabilitating all types of injuries, acute and chronic. With our understanding of the metabolic, nervous and musculoskeletal systems we can support recovery of your injuries and help you resolve the long-standing pain problems known as "chronic injuries" or "chronic pain".

We use the following techniques to help you return to your activities as quickly as possible:

  • movement and exercises

  • mobilizations of soft tissues, nerves and joints

  • soft tissue techniques such as massage, micro-conditioning and cupping

  • electro-acupuncture

We will also be able to teach you about the nature of your acute or chronic injury, which systems are involved and where intervention is needed for you to recover and improve your health.​


New injuries (from sports or activities) that have happened in the last day up to 6 weeks. 

When you have an acute injury, early care can change your outcome!  


Injuries or pain problems that have been around for months or years. Maybe you've had lots of treatment, but never found a solution? That's where we can help. 

We do things a bit differently here. Learn more about...

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