At Instil Physio, we offer a unique and holistic approach to your health and performance and work with people who are ready to make an investment in this process. Many people we work with have spent time, money and energy on traditional approaches that have not worked for them. Instil Physio is the alternative option and together we will create your unique health and performance optimization plan. This can start with rehabilitating an injury, resolving a pain problem and can progress to maximizing your movement potential for living and performance.  We have the knowledge and skills necessary to work with people of all ages and levels of function, and from youth athletes to high performing athletes. If you are ready to invest in your body, the only one you have, Instil Physio invites you to work with us. 


Mission statement: Providing the skills and expertise needed to create and achieve your health and performance goals. 


Vision: Accessible knowledge; Innovative approach; Empowered community.      

Micaela Zettel physiotherapist & CEO at Instil Physio

Micaela Zettel



Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner

Junior Instructor- McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program

CEO and Founder of Instil Physio Inc.

Why I am here:

Throughout my career as a physiotherapist I have gained valuable experience and have come to realize that an essential and critical part of successful rehabilitation and health care is client education and having the knowledge and time to properly do this. I have worked in many settings where my interaction with clients has been limited by time and have witnessed the downfalls this creates. I have chosen to do it differently because this is how I believe I can help people and empower them in their recovery, health and performance. 


I also understand the importance of being a part of something. Whether it is a competitive sports team or a social club with friends, when you cannot participate in an important activity it affects every part of your life. I have been there. This is what makes me so committed to helping my clients return to whichever activity is meaningful to them.


By founding Instil Physio Inc., I have created a practice that values excellence, collaboration, empowerment and compassion so that we can provide effective services and health solutions for our clients. We take the time to listen to your concerns, learn your needs and develop a unique treatment plan to suite you and your body. We make the time to teach you to move well and be well.

A little about me:

I obtained my Bachelors of Science in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa and went on to complete my Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto, graduating in 2009. I have continued with my pursuit of excellence in education and practice throughout my career. I am a Junior Instructor with the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program, spending countless hours every year learning and teaching. I have taken several other courses such as the Advanced Sports Performance Practitioner Certification, Meridian Dissection course and Advanced Needling and soft tissue techniques for the elite athlete. I have completed multiple courses and self directed learning on topics of interest such as female athletes and their unique health and performance requirements, elite and youth athletes in a variety of sports. I have worked with an OHL hockey team in their journey to winning the OHL championship, as well as NHL players. Currently, I am working towards my Sport Physiotherapy Certificate with Sport Physiotherapy Canada. I am passionate about working with like minded team members who strive for excellence in their practice and understand the importance of their own personal growth in this journey. I truly love inspiring and supporting others to live their dreams. 


I have played a variety of sports throughout my lifetime and one of my most memorable accomplishments was competing at the Mounted Games World Championships for equestrian sport as a member of team Canada. I also play volleyball, both indoor and beach (I’m quite obsessed with beach volleyball!). I enjoy running, working out, doing yoga and walking my dog. Travel is my favourite way to spend free time and it usually includes a multi-day hike through mountain ranges, volcanoes or tropical rainforests with my partner David. 

 400 Woolwich St,

Guelph, Ontario 

Email: info@instilphysio.ca

Our Hours:

Tuesdays: 10am-7pm

Thursdays: 9am -5pm

Fridays: 1pm-6pm

Virtual appointments available  upon request. 

Please be aware we do not have reception in the clinic. Please email for enquiries regarding service or book online. 

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