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Please be aware we do not have reception in the clinic. Please call or email for enquiries regarding service or book online. 

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PRF Program cost: 8 weeks for $655 

Postnatal Return to Fitness (PRF) is a physiotherapy program designed to help you recover from child birth and safely return to fitness and sport. This program is appropriate for any woman, at any point postpartum, whether you are 6 weeks post-delivery or 5 years. You will learn proper core recruitment, breathing patterns, alignment, and movement patterns to build a strong foundation in order to safely return to your regular fitness and sport.


Vision: Accessible knowledge; Innovative approach; Empowered community.  

This program will consist of an individual physiotherapy assessment and a personalized treatment plan designed to help you reach your personal fitness goals. Part of this treatment plan will include group workout sessions which will bring together moms participating in the PRF Program. The sessions, led by a physiotherapist, will focus on integrating your core system to facilitate functional strengthening. Make no mistake – this program aims to improve your overall strength and endurance, so you will be getting a work out! Unlike your typical fitness or strength and conditioning workout, your individual postpartum obstacles will be addressed and integrated into your PRF Program. This will ensure proper and safe recovery and set you up for success when returning to your fitness or sport of choice.


Possible Post-partum obstacles include:


  • General aches and pains (back, hips, knees, etc)

  • Diastasis Rectus Abdominus (separation of abdominals along linea alba)

  • Leaking urine (when laughing, sneezing, running, jumping)

  • Frequently urinating (can’t make it through a work out without going to pee?)

  • Just don’t feel right? Not yourself physically?

  • Unusual weakness

  • Posterior chain weakness (poor recruitment and strength of the hip extensors, aka "glutes", and shoulder retractors)

  • Doing your “kegels” but haven’t noticed a change?? (A lot of women are doing Kegels improperly). 

  • Connecting with your core and body effectively 


**Before starting the session each participant needs to have completed a physiotherapy assessment and subsequent recommended treatment(s) in order to ensure terminology and correct movement patterns are in place. The group program will then focus on building strength and endurance with these correct movement patterns. This is not pelvic health physiotherapy and no internal pelvic exam will be completed. The physiotherapist will refer you on to a pelvic health physiotherapist if deemed necessary. You will however, with your consent, have an external exam of your pelvic floor during your initial assessment.  Physiotherapy sessions will continue throughout the course of the program to ensure safe progression as well as address any ongoing physical issues/concerns **



“Pregnancy is temporary, post-partum is forever” –Brianna Battles



So you’ve read the description, you’re intrigued, now what?


Who is the program for?

  • For post natal women a minimum of 6 weeks post delivery and cleared to resume physical activity by OB/MD, mid wife or pelvic health physiotherapist.

  • Whether you are post c-section, vaginal delivery, first child and beyond!



  • Instil Physio

  • 80 Southgate Dr. Guelph, ON, N1G 4P5



  • Wednesdays from 5-6pm 

  • Session dates for 2019:

    • NEW DATES: October 2 to November 20, 2019. 


    • Dates for 2020 will be added at the end of November 2019. 


How to Get Started:

  • To start you will need to schedule your initial physiotherapy assessment. To book online select "book appointment" at the bottom right of this page. Select physiotherapy, and then select "Postnatal Return to Fitness Program Assessment". This appointment needs to be scheduled 2 or more weeks prior to program start date. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.


 Call 519-840-0784 or email info@instilphysio.ca to book your individual physiotherapy appointments.


  • Subsequent physiotherapy appointments will be booked as needed throughout the program (including a midway appointment and final appointment, if additional appointments are needed, they can be added at the same fee, but are not included in the total cost). 


Good to know:

  • This is a rehab program and insurance companies may cover the cost of this program. Enquire with your insurance provider for more details. 

  • Babies and toddlers welcome to attend the program, please be aware that no supervision will be provided, you will be responsible to supervise throughout duration of class.  ​Please note, the classes are run in a strength and conditioning facility which may have other programs running at the same time.


What you will get:

  • Individual physiotherapy treatment plan.

  • Participation in a group rehab fitness program for 8 sessions plus individual physiotherapy appointments. 

  • Individual recommendations to continue to improve your core and functional strength will be provided at the end of your participation in the program provided by your Physiotherapist.

If you are not looking for a group approach to your post-natal rehabilitation, or the times/days do not work for you, we offer one on one treatment as well.  Please check out our WOMEN'S HEALTH section for more details. 

PRF Program cost: 8 week program: $655 inclusive