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health coaching

At Instil Physio, I also offer Female Athlete Health Coaching. Through this service athletes who are out of province can access working with me. I am also able to offer my most comprehensive service of Functional Sports Medicine Health Coaching for female athletes. Learn more about each service below. 
Movement & Health Coaching
  • This is a great option for athletes who are out of province and looking to work with me for to help with injury rehab and performance optimization

  • Being out of province you cannot access me through physiotherapy BUT we can work together through health coaching virtually and I can support you in your health and performance goals

  • Investment:

    • Initial appointment 1.5 Hours $305

    • Follow up appointments 1 Hr $265

Functional Sports Medicine Health Coaching

Movement & health coaching + functional sports medicine

  • I am trained in Functional Sports Medicine by Dr. Ara Suppiah and am now offering this service to clients in the form of health coaching

  • This is NOT within the scope of physiotherapy and should not be confused with any physiotherapy recommendations

  • During Functional Sports Medicine Health Coaching, I take a deep dive into your history, injuries, symptoms, lifestyle and goals. I combine this information with diagnostic tests to gain a deeper understanding of your physiology and together we create a plan to get to the bottom of your health, fitness and sport performance concerns and goals.

  • Intervention always includes a combination of strategies uniquely selected for you and your goals

  • Who is this for?

    • Any female athlete 18 years and older who is tired of being injured/tired/underperforming, has done all the things (physio, chiro, RMT, training, etc) but does not seem to be getting results​

    • Not on any medication 

    • Able to financially invest in your health and follow through on a 6 month commitment of working together

  • Investment:

    • $1500 for the intake and recommendations (following analysis of diagnostic tests) + cost of the tests (which will be provided after the intake, can cost between $500-1500 for tests).

    • Follow up sessions 1Hr $265

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