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for female athletes

FREE Resources to support you in your health, fitness and sport performance.

  • The Female Athlete Check Up

    • Download your free Female Athlete Check Up to help you identify areas of your health that may be affecting your sport/fitness performance. 

    • This page has several links to free content to support different parts of your health, based on your female athlete check up results.

  • FASTR Educational Handouts  (free resources from Stanford University)

    • On this page you will find infographics with current evidence to best support female athletes ​

    • Topics include:

      • Menstrual cycle, fueling ​and hydration during activity, iron, daily nutrition needs, post workout refuelling, and more. 

  • Podcast:

    • herBody Podcast (By Micaela Zettel and her Soul Shot​)

    • 15 episodes on different topics for female athlete health, they are all resources to support you


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