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"I cannot recommend Micaela enough! She is a passionate and knowledgeable practitioner who puts extra effort in to understand the context of a problem, and not just the symptom that made you seek help. Treatment is collaborative, as she helps you understand the root causes of your dysfunction, and looks for input to determine how often you're able to return for appointments and what sort of exercise or movements will both aid your recovery and fit into your life. When an ob-gyn told me my post-natal pelvic floor pain was something I should just deal with, Micaela identified the cause and helped me recover. When my mum was told by her doctor that she'd have to medicate arthritis pain in her wrist for the rest of her life at 58, Micaela identified the cause and helped her manage discomfort without medication."


- Client K. 

Thank you so much for the Neurofunctional session on Friday. I felt totally comfortable with you both during the assessment and the treatment. It was amazing. I can truly say that your assessment was truly able to pinpoint three "nagging" issues that have held me back from optimal performance. That was the first time in years that I was able to see some progress and improvement. The dull achy pain in my lower back was relieved completely. The imbalance and tightness on my left side loosened in such a way that I felt like I had successfully stretched (finally), overcoming a block that seemed more mechanical to me rather than modulated by neuromuscular issues. Finally, thank you for working out that painful abductor hallucis! I am eager to see how my exercise performance will be in the next week and will let you know!

- Dr. Marcel Dore 

"I was the Head Athletic Therapist for the Guelph Storm from 2017-2019 helping the team make a historic Championship run in 2019.   


Anyone that follows the team would remember how many brutal injuries we had leading up to playoffs that year.  Team scorers out with broken legs, collar bones, ligament tears etc. It was a year where we were hit with the most unfortunate injury bug any team could be hit with and we were all questioning whether we could get these guys back in time to be ready for playoffs as we knew we were a contending team. 


This is where Instil Physio and Micaela Zettel stepped in and stepped up.  I was able to get an elite therapist like Micaela to come help our team out as I was only one therapists and the amount of injured bodies plus the guys that needed regular maintenance was way too much for just one person.   


Because of Micaela’s help and efforts, the injuries started to become more manageable and we were able to do the impossible and get the whole team back in time to be ready for playoffs – which everyone knows, we won! 


Micaela didn’t stop at just helping get the guys better though.  With her help, we were able to keep the guys healthy and functional through one of the longest playoff runs in OHL history.  We couldn’t have won without her help.   


I’ve worked in the NBA, CFL, OHL and with Matt Nichol and the NHL players that come to him for training and treatment in their off-season.  Because of these experiences, I’ve been around some of the best therapists in the world.  Micaela is truly part of this class and it’s a blessing for the Guelph community to have someone like her around when everyone else of her caliber is in the big city.  

- Brendan Mooney BA, BAHSc(AT), RMT, CAT(C), ATC

Registered Massage Therapist

Certified Athletic Therapist/Certified Athletic Trainer 

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