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for female athletes

At Instil Physio, I excel at rehabilitating all types of injuries, acute and chronic, that female athletes experience. From recreational athletes to high performance, I have the knowledge and skills to support you in your injury rehab and your performance care. With my understanding of the metabolic, nervous, musculoskeletal and endocrine (hormones) systems I can support recovery of your injuries and help you resolve the long-standing pain problems known as "chronic injuries" or "chronic pain". With my performance care program, I can help keep you feeling great in your body and keep you playing the sport, or fitness activity you love. 

I use the following techniques to help you return to your activities as quickly as possible:

  • movement and exercises

  • mobilizations of soft tissues, nerves and joints

  • soft tissue techniques such as massage, micro-conditioning and cupping

  • electro-acupuncture

I will also be able to teach you about the nature of your acute or chronic injury, which systems are involved and where intervention is needed for you to recover and improve your health.​ 

Injury Rehab

Injury rehab includes rehab of acute and chronic injuries.

Acute injuries are new injuries (from sports or activities) that have happened in the last day up to 6 weeks

  • When you have an acute injury, early care can change your outcome!  

  • Acute injuries include ankle sprains, muscle contusions, muscle strains and sprains, rotator cuff injuries, shoulder dislocations, AC joint sprains, knee injuries (ACL, meniscus), etc.

  • Injury rehab also includes post surgical rehab from orthopaedic surgeries such ankle fractures, post-op ACL repair or meniscus repair, abdominal surgeries such as c-sections and hernia repairs, post-op shoulder rehab for labral or rotator cuff injuries, etc. Don't see your injury listed here, please feel free to contact Micaela to enquire at

Chronic injuries or pain problems that have been around for months or years. Maybe you've had lots of treatment, but never found a solution? That's where I can help. 

Performance Care

My Performance Care Program is designed to help you keep your health and physical function optimal so that you can push your body to the limits needed for life and athletic performance, and minimize time lost due to injury. This program is for any female tired of not staying at their peak health, and for female athletes; from youth to high performance. With this program, you will feel great in your body and keep doing the things you love without pain or injury. The best way to prevent an injury is to address it before it becomes one, we can do that with performance care. 

  • To book a performance care appointment please book an initial physiotherapy assessment. 

Instil Physio supports athletes throughout the lifespan. To learn more check out the links below.

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