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for female athletes

She Moves: The Foundation for Empowered Fitness and Sport Performance
  • Designed for individuals and sports teams, She Moves is a foundational movement course created for female athletes. Now, women, girls and coaches can access this important information that will help female athletes understand HOW to move their bodies, and prevent injuries so they can become strong, empowered and resilient. 

  • This is an online self directed course that teaches you how to connect with your core (including your pelvic floor!) and move your body. This will help you move better, reduce injuries and improve strength for fitness and sport. 


With this information and knowledge, female athletes can reach their individual goals and stay active for life. 
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She Moves: The Mini Course

  • This is a FREE course for athletes, fitness classes and sports teams

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If you have question about She Moves, please email Micaela at

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