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Neurofunctional Electro-acupuncture

At Instil Physio, our Neurofunctional Practitioners are trained in neurofunctional electroacupuncture. We use this modality to effectively treat your pain and movement problems.


Here is how it works:

Your nerves carry signals from your brain to your muscles so that you can move efficiently.  They also relay information from your surroundings, back to your brain, so that you can sense your environment. Nerves are important!

A disruption to the neural environment can make it difficult for the nerves to carry their signals. These signal interruptions often creep up slowly and without warning or clear cause. These signal interruptions can result in feelings of muscle weakness, muscle fatigue, movement dysfunction etc. These dysfunctions often PRECEDE PAIN and can be discovered during a neurofunctional assessment. 

The good news? Acupuncture needles can be placed in precise locations in order to target these dysfunctional nerves. They signal for the body to normalize the neural pathways by improving circulation and restoring normal electrical conductivity in those nerves! This helps to restore muscle strength, improve movement ease, promote better movement coordination and decrease pain to keep you moving well.

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