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The mini course

Hello fellow athletes!


I have put together a mini She Moves curriculum for you to help you learn about your bodies based on your anatomy and physiology, in hopes to empower you in your health, fitness and sport performance.  


This mini course focuses on drawing attention to areas of your health that maybe you had never considered before, and then focuses on movement, teaching you something called the “piston breath”. I won’t give away too much here. Watch the videos in order to get the full picture and make sense of everything. Please feel free to try only what you feel comfortable trying.


To access this FREE course, sign up for the email and you will get a PDF that has the curriculum with all the info and links you need to work through the course. It's a combination of videos and podcasts. 

Coaches & Teachers

This is a great course for high school fitness classes and sports teams. Coaches, please feel free to download and share with your classes/teams. This information is here to help you support them! 

Sign up here to get your FREE download of She Moves: The Mini Course








  • The exercises in this course all make for a great warm up to do pre sport or work out!

  • And, you can use the piston breath laying down for recovery post game/training or if you are rehabbing an injury -

  • DO NOT underestimate the power of your breath.

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