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The team at Instil Physio offers interactive education sessions to young (ages 14- 25 +) female sports teams and high school fitness classes. During our session, we aim to debunk some common training and core recruitment cues that, although given with good intention, may actually have a negative impact on performance, the musculoskeletal system and pelvic health.

This education session teaches the athletes proper standing posture, exercise technique, sport specific movement and core recruitment (breathing and pelvic floor, along with transverse abdominals —> without clenching/bracing the abs, and without holding their breath). These skills can then be integrated into their sport and fitness programs to help with sport performance and injury prevention.


A common issue, although not normal and often not talked about, is that many female athletes are suffering from stress urinary incontinence despite never having had children. Some may say, “well so what?”. Here’s the thing, if your female athlete is leaking urine when running, jumping or throwing, they are failing to control intra-abdominal pressure. This is a sign of a deeper dysfunction which may express itself as knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and so on. An athlete with leaking and/or pain is an athlete that is not performing at their best. The intention of this session is to bring awareness to common issues, to provide education regarding injury prevention and pelvic health, and to arm athletes with the tools necessary to excel in sport and fitness for years to come. To read more about this common issue in female athletes, check out this blog: Female Athlete's Leaking Urine? What?

Sport specific exercises and common injuries will be discussed and integrated into the seminar. In addition to learning about their core and unique needs of the female athlete, they will learn warm up exercises and muscle and soft tissue release work to keep their bodies moving well and prepped for sport. They will learn what pain means and when playing with it is not ok, and how to identify early signs that the body needs help to keep performing at its best. 

To learn about ways that we can help your female athletes check out the sports below. If you don't see your sport listed and you're interested in a seminar for your team or further information, please contact us to and we'd be happy to help. 



To educate and empower youth female athletes so that they can excel in sports for life.  

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