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The High Performance Female Athlete

High performance sports place a unique set of demands on an athlete’s body.  A body must be able to adapt and to manage these demands in order for an athlete to achieve longevity in their sport. For this reason, high performance athletes often need a specialized approach to injury rehab and prevention.


The high performance athlete can benefit from help to keep performing in their sport and minimize time lost due to injury. At Instil Physio, I aim to provide athletes with the tools necessary to create an environment in their body that makes it more adaptable and responsive to the demands of their sport.  


Whether an athlete is dealing with a current injury, or looking to prevent injury, I take a comprehensive and holistic approach to their treatment. All parts of the athlete are considered in treatment planning, including but not limited to their: cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neurological, endocrine (menstrual cycle, hormones) and psychological systems. All of these systems contribute to an athlete’s overall health, and are essential for optimal sport performance. 


Initial Assessment:

The initial assessment is 1.5 hours in length and will include a comprehensive neurofunctional and orthopedic assessment. I will collaborate with you and based on your individual needs and goals, will create a comprehensive plan.  Each athlete is unique and requires an individualized and personalized approach.


Individualized Comprehensive Treatment Plan:

I aim to work with the athlete, along with their coaches and trainers, to create an allied team of multidisciplinary professionals with common goals based on the athlete’s performance and care needs. Following the assessment, I will use their findings to create an individualized treatment program. I will consult with other health care providers/trainers/coaches, etc., as required. This may involve a Registered Massage Therapist, Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctor, Nutritionist, Chiropractor, etc. Each athlete will then be provided with a plan of action including recommendations to help them reach their performance goals.



  • Further treatment will depend on the results of the initial assessment.  All recommendations will be included in the treatment plan. Recommendations for treatment frequency will depend on the treatment goals and the athlete’s season.  Often with high performing athletes, because of the demands of their sport, the plan may include weekly one hour treatments to aid in maintaining optimal neuromusculoskeletal and sports performance.  Some common issues are: neuromotor inhibition, tissue tension/disruption, tissue overuse, tissue hypersensitivity, persistent pain from previous traumatic and/or overuse injuries, poor movement patterns and overuse/overtraining.

  • Treatment for the mentioned potential issues may include, but is not limited to: neurofunctional electro-acupuncture, cupping, stretching, soft tissue release techniques, exercise, strengthening, movement correction, education, etc.

With an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan, you will feel good in your body and optimize your sport performance.

My goal is to help keep you in the game and performing your best!


How to Get Started:

To start, you will need to schedule your initial physiotherapy assessment. To book online select "book appointment" at the bottom of this page and book "Initial Physiotherapy Assessment". Provide as much detail as you feel comfortable on your intake form.  

Email Micaela if you have questions about care for high performance athletes:


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