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Neurofunctional Medicine Approach

At Instil Physio, all of our practitioners are trained in a neurofunctional medicine approach* and are referred to as Neurofunctional Practitioners. A Neurofunctional Practitioner can be a massage therapist, physiotherapist or a chiropractor.


A Neurofunctional Practitioner has a comprehensive understanding of the neurological and musculoskeletal systems and the complex and multidimensional nature of pain and movement problems. They understand the influence of the metabolic system and mind/body connection on pain, movement and performance.

They are skilled in conducting a functional assessment of these systems and implementing treatment techniques to effectively create changes in pain, movement and performance.

Techniques used may include:

  • movement and exercises

  • mobilizations of soft tissues, nerves and joints

  • soft tissue techniques such as massage, micro-conditioning**, cupping

  • electro-acupuncture 


Your practitioner will also be able to teach you about the nature of your injury/pain problem, which systems are involved and where intervention is needed for you to recover and improve your health.

Each practitioner has completed the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program and many have completed the Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner Certification at McMaster University.

A Instil Physio, we currently offer physiotherapy and massage therapy with a neurofunctional approach. Visit MEET OUR TEAM to learn more about our practitioners, and visit INVESTING IN YOUR HEALTH to learn about our tiered system model.   

*Neurofunctional Approach is a methodology taught by Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco at the McMaster Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program and the Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner and Specialist Programs

**micro-conditioning is a soft tissue technique created by Dr. Alejandro Elorriaga Claraco and is taught in his course "Neurofunctional Sports Performance Practitioner and Specialist Programs" at McMaster University. 

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