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During perimenopause and menopause there are significant hormonal changes that affect a female's health in different ways, including injuries/pain problems, sleep, metabolism and so on. Like other times in a female's life, with the right information you can thrive. This stage of life is the same, and we are getting so much more information now on how best to train/exercise, eat, support sleep, etc to support you in your goals. 

Physiotherapy for peri & menopause athletes
  • The changes that occur in the female body during peri and menopause are important to consider in rehab of injuries and pain problems

  • Shoulder injuries (frozen shoulder and rotator cuff injuries) and hip injuries (gluteal tendinopathies) are some common injuries during this time, to name a couple

  • Your exercise and training may need to change to best support your health as well (strength training and high intensity intervals are important to include  - don't know what/how to do it? I can help!

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