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MOVEMENT, ENERGY & PHYSIOLOGY are the foundation for your sport performance. This checkup is designed to get you thinking about this foundation and all parts of your health as it relates to your injury rehabilitation, training and your ability to perform as an athlete.

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  • Are you frustrated with pain that just won’t go away?

  • Do you feel tired and not able to do all your training?

  • Do you feel like you keep getting injured? Like you just can't catch a break? 

  • Did you have an injury and you can't get back to where you were?

  • Did you do all your “physio” exercises but still have pain and can’t do your sport?

  • Have you tried all the therapies and are still dealing with your injury?

...we are frustrated for you.

If you are reading this thinking "I'm an athlete", please read on, you're in the

right place. If you are reading this thinking "I'm not an athlete", please read on,

you're in the right place. 

YOU ARE AN ATHLETE if you move your body for physical activity or sport.  

Female Sports Medicine and the Female Athlete Checkup are for you.  


At Instil Physio we work with female athletes and we focus on these three areas:



By approaching these three areas together, you can begin to

optimize your health and then your performance. 


 The Female Athlete Checkup was created to help get you thinking

about your health and sport performance holistically. 

Download your checkup for free. No need to sign up for an email list, although you can if you want to receive monthly emails with information designed to empower you in your health and sport performance, as a female athlete. Link to sign up is at the bottom.  

Answer the questions to the best of your ability. They are intended to help you see

if there is something about your health that has not been addressed that

can help you recover from injury and get back to your fitness or sport. 


Here are some resources to help you get started in learning what your body needs to heal and recover and get you back to sport & fitness! 




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