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Performance Care for Youth Athletes

Provides athletes up to age 25 with:

  • Integrative rehabilitation of sports related injuries

  • A plan for injury prevention and optimization of sports performance

This program aims to empower young athletes by providing them with the knowledge needed to make healthy choices as they navigate their athletic careers. Athletes will learn about their body and the biomechanics of their sport in order to keep them feeling good and moving well.

In addition to the rehabilitation of current injuries, this program has a large focus on injury prevention and performance enhancement. Whether your athlete is injured or not, this program can help them identify areas of dysfunction and develop the foundations necessary for optimal performance and athletic longevity. From ages 9-13, kids grow rapidly and movements can become uncoordinated. This window presents an ideal time to instil foundational movement patterns, treat dysfunction and prevent injuries.

Lifelong athlete development requires a holistic approach that considers the physical development of youth athletes in addition to their mental, cognitive and emotional development. The pelvic and skeletal bones typically reach maturity between the ages of 17 and 25 years, while the neurological system is not fully developed until age 25. This presents a large window of opportunity in which intervention can have significant positive impacts on long term sports participation.

Athletes will receive a comprehensive physical assessment to identify areas of:

  • Limited range of motion

  • Neuromotor inhibition (where muscles are not being recruited optimally, and often a source of potential injury)

  • Movement dysfunction (movement patterns that are not optimal for sport performance and can predispose your athlete to injury).

After collecting this information, the therapist will create a detailed, individualized treatment plan. The plan will aim to:

  • Rehabilitate any current injuries

  • Optimize movement patterns

  • Enhance neuromotor recruitment

  • Improve range of motion

The treatment plan will be unique to each athlete and will consist of a team approach involving*:

  • Neurofunctional electro-acupuncture

  • Soft tissue release techniques

  • Manual therapy

  • Exercise and correcting/improving movement patterns

All areas of the athlete’s training and sport will be considered. Recommendations regarding strength and conditioning, nutrition, sleep, movement patterning, recovery, etc. will be given where necessary.

Call 519-840-0784 or email for more information and to enquire about booking an appointment. 

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