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Quinoa....with a side of squats.

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Every week I make a batch of quinoa to power up my lunchtime salad. I usually check my emails and text my friends while the 12 minutes passes. I am always hopeful that I am getting wiser as I age, and most days I don't see evidence of that. However, this time I wondered if I could do something that not only fuels my tummy but also helps me stay active. When you get the nod of disapproval from others that perhaps you are doing too much, you really need to plan these things out.

I thought today, let’s try something different. I thought I would get a few exercises in while I was waiting for my quinoa. Instead of grabbing for the cell phone I reached for my countertop. I managed to get in more than I thought I would (I am always about the “under promise and over deliver”). With using the help of my kitchen island I completed 30 squats, calf raises, incline push-ups, and stretched my quadriceps and low back. I even tried to do 30 seconds of meditation. This is still a process I have yet to master particularly when you have one eye on the cooking quinoa. At least, I practiced some breathing and slowed down my racing brain. And, for someone with MS, this also seems like much less of an exhausting time commitment too.

So, all those articles I have read over the years are true. It is possible to do some really helpful exercises while you wait for your food to cook. I challenge you to put down the technology, and see what you can come up with! It's only 12 minutes. Cheers to your health Michelle

By Michelle Tyler, PT

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